Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This will be primarily a political discussion; resulting from views from a young adult. Many say there is not enough participation by young people in our societal/political discussions. Well here is one. What comes here is unabashed, realistic, honesty. Which is a lot more than I can say for the current American political climate.

I am not promising compromise and I am not promising unity. But, I do promise to express views that I do believe to be right. I do promise that I will say what I think, and not what I think people want to hear.

I am a student at Kansas State University. I am majoring in Accounting, hoping to specialize in Taxation as an accountant. I am a moderate at the core.

I come from a conservative background. HOWEVER, I believe a government of moderation. I believe in some liberal ideals; I believe in some conservative ideals. But what I believe in most is action.

ac·tion /ˈakSHən/Noun:

 1.The fact or process of doing something

"A government of the people, by the people, for the people".

I advocate for action, and not unrealistic loyalties that create hazards to all who are connected to the issues at hand.

I believe in government in moderation.

Here we embark on something that will hopefully help develop you and your thoughts.

My goal: to create real discussion.

My goal: to try and promote a middle ground to politics. Instead of creating a bipolar government, we should create a government of action,

Again, I do not promise you will agree.

I only hope you will listen.


  1. I would greatly appreciate if you sent this around. If they want to listen, they will listen.

  2. I love to see youth engage in political discourse. We desperately need to return to moderation. This extremist mentality isn't good for anyone. Dawn